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Vintage Renewal creates radically redesigned furniture.  Rip it up and start again, that's what Vintage Renewal does!  The brainchild of Vintage Renewal, Indie Furniture Redesigner Jeanne Connolly, a traveling artist currently based in Valencia, Spain, specializes in deconstructed and restyled vintage furniture and home decor.  It's utterly beautiful chairs, loveseats, chaise lounges and bohemian home styling that are off-beat, one-of-a-kind and wildly inventive.

We fabricate high-end, eclectic, bohemian-inspired style through the reuse of existing vintage and recycled materials.  Our whimsical free-spirited brand was born from a collection of artisan indiemade, one-of-a-kind Vintage Redesigns.  We are Green, We are Vintage, We are Handmade.

The usable art objects created for Vintage Renewal are inspired by past decades, fashion styles, different cultures, antique furniture, and vintage craft books.  Our furniture frames are found or existing objects that are given a new lease on life.  These redesigns are made fresh and fabulous with wild vintage and recycled fabrics choices.

We are now forming an education series as "The Vintage Renewal Redesign Institute," where we will guide you to visualize, discover and develop your unique signature style and design process.  It's a happy learning portal where you will feel inspired by the discovery of your most creative authentic self.  The typical Redesign Institute student is the creator and master of her own brilliant color story, who artfully blends old, new and surprising materials to create artistic bohemian mastery. 

Our only stipulation is that it reflects your gigantic colorful personality, unique life perspective, and wanderlust travel experiences. Mastering your creative voice: at home, work, in your blog or your business is a chance to rediscover colors and choose vintage pieces that vividly express your personal design story. Stay tuned for how to participate in this original learning series!  There is nothing on the planet quite like it.  Be the first to learn how to become a certified Indie Furniture Redesigner from the comfort of your very own home!

We've had some momentum, here are some of our mentions in the press...

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Jeanne Connolly

Indie Furniture Redesigner